One of the more interesting features in Smart Portal is the ability for employees to order hardware within the framework set by the administrator. In this article, we will explain how it all works, and what you as a User will see when you make an order through Smart Portal.

What can a User order?


As a user, you have access to the store. The products shown here are those that are available for your business. To choose which products that will be displayed here, you can talk to your Smart Portal supplier. You will find the contact information via the Contact and Support page in your Smart Portal.

How does the company keep track of what’s ordered?

An administrator needs to approve all orders


Orders from employees begin as a request that an administrator at the company needs to approve before the order is committed.

When a request is approved or denied, the employee is automatically informed about it. You can read more about the inquiry process in this article.


In Smart Portal, each individual employee has a budget for how much they can spend in different categories of equipment. This gives the employee and the company full control over costs and choice of equipment within the budget limits.DrwdWqnaUT

Different budgets for different work areas

A company can use different budgets depending on who places the order. For example, you could have a higher budget for screens for a designer, while a developer might need a slightly more powerful computer than a salesperson.

Salary deduction

If the employee buys a unit that costs more than what is included in the budget, the difference can be placed on a salary deduction. The salary deduction is deducted either from the salary after tax (net salary deduction) or from the salary before tax (gross salary deduction). The employer (the company that uses the Smart Portal) decides for themselves whether a purchase over budget should be deducted from salary and whether it should be made as a gross or net salary deduction.

What happens when an employee places an order?

As soon as an order has been approved (certified), information is sent to the employee informing that the order has been received and that it’ss being processed for delivery.

How is the delivery handled?

The delivery is administered by your supplier of Smart Portal.

What address will the product be sent to?

When ordering, the buyer states in Smart Portal which delivery address the units are to be delivered to. The delivery addresses that are selectable are those approved by the employer. By default, the employer's registered main workplace is entered, but the buyer can choose another address, for example, a home address within Sweden.

How do I know that the order has been delivered?

When your product has been delivered to your workplace or another specified address, you will, by default, receive an email informing you of this, together with the order number you previously received in the order confirmation. Exact delivery processes and routines can be provided by your Smart Portal provider.

How long does it take to get my delivery?

In most cases, you should expect delivery within 5-7 working days, but if there’s something special about the order or special circumstances, it may take longer. Contact your Smart Portal supplier for exact delivery information on the products and services they offer through the portal.